3rd Edition - May 2017

Los Angeles

L.A. OLA is a showcase of the most outstanding and innovative independent contemporary films from Spain in the city of L.A.

Three consecutive days of screenings, workshops, master classes and panels in the most remarkable independent theaters in town. A curated selection of groundbreaking films awarded in prestigious international festivals and presented by their authors in person. L.A. OLA is a bridge between two continents, connecting film lovers from USA and Spain. 



- La nueva ola del cine español en Los Angeles - 

Los Angeles is currently the epicenter of contemporary independent cinema in the US and one of the world’s major film capitals. A side from the Hollywood studios, L.A. is also home of the most celebrated groundbreaking artists and filmmakers. At the same time, the Spanish filmmaking scene is emerging as one of the most fertile and successful in Europe. A new generation of young Spanish filmmakers are obtaining great recognition at prestigious
international film festivals. The main issue for these successful low budget Spanish film productions is getting into the traditional distribution channels. L.A. OLA has created a bridge in between Spain and the US to solve this problem, giving exposure to all these extraordinary films at the capital of the film industry.

For two consecutive years, L.A. OLA has served as a window for
the most innovative Spanish cinema in the US. We are currently
working on the third edition, which will take place in May 2017. The film screenings will be complemented with Q&As, industry events and masterclasses leaded by professional filmmakers from Spain. The film showcase will be held in different venues, all of them emblematic locations for the local festival-goers and film
professionals based in the city. L.A. OLA has been design to be
more than a window for the Spanish cinema, it is a meeting point
for both countries. After two successful editions, we are proud of
having created an open dialogue that benefits the independent film
industry of both Spain and the US.


Director: Rocio Mesa

Programmer USA and Filmmaker's liaison: Elia Urquiza
Director of Operations: Jana Díaz Juhl
Producer and Communications manager: Pau Brunet
Associated Programmer: Carlos Marques-Marcet

Senior programmer and producer Spain: Enrique Piñuel Martin
Senior programmer and producer Spain: Natalia Piñuel Martin


Designer & developer: Giuseppe de Cesare
Designer & developer: Nuria Benitez Redondo


Production Asistant: Aitziber Olaskoaga