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celebrates its 4th edition, creating a bridge between Spain and the Americas to bring groundbreaking cinema to New York, Los Angeles, and, now, Mexico City. LA OLA offers a curated selection of critically acclaimed films, selected and awarded at the most remarkable European film festivals, which now have an opportunity to reach new audiences.

Meet the Team

Director: Rocio Mesa

Director of Operations: Jana Díaz Juhl
Producer and Communications Manager: Pau Brunet
Associated Programmer: Carlos Marques-Marcet

Senior programmer and producer in Spain: Enrique Piñuel
Senior programmer and producer in Spain: Natalia Piñuel

Producer in NYC: Javier Moreno
Associate Producer in NYC: Leire Leguina

Producer: Victor Alonso Berbel

Short Film Program Curator: Curtocircuito, Pela del Álamo

Graphic Designer: María Lamuy


LA Panda is a US production company based in Los Angeles and formed by eleven Spanish filmmakers - producers, directors, screenwriters and cinematographers. LA Panda is designed to function as a bridge between the Spanish and American Film and Television industry. LA Panda has produced over 50 projects including commercials, music videos, documentaries and feature films.

Playtime Audiovisuales is a distribution and exhibition platform based on Madrid, founded by Enrique Piñuel and Natalia Piñuel in 2007 with a special focus on contemporary art and cinema. They work curating programs and activities for cultural institutions, museums and festivals.

SPAIN FRESH is a platform for the promotion of the arts and the creativity related to Spain abroad. It offers art management services with high quality standards through multidisciplinary events, cultural programs and pop-ups, including music, fine arts, or film.